Commitment to Green Initiatives

Each week, at Elite locations across the U.S., up to 30,000 pounds of inbound recyclable cardboard and plastic is reclaimed, rather than being sent to landfill sites.

At most Elite facilities, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint by using sophisticated technologies to re-use water to lower overall consumption/discharge; introduced high-efficiency lighting, energy efficient motors, renewable fuels (i.e. bio-diesel), heat reclamation from our boilers, waste water and dryers; and strengthened our cardboard, glass, plastic, packaging and bag recycling programs.

These enhancements not only improve overall efficiency, but make us good citizens.

Elite Airline Services Green Initiatives include recycling and resuse

Recycling and Sustainability

Water Reuse/Recycling – Currently in place at ATL, DFW, Chicago and Miami locations. Net result has reduced water consumption by 50 to 70 percent.

State-of-the-Art Tunnel Washing System – Now used in NYC, Miami and Chicago. Net impact of this changed has reduced NYC plant’s water usage by 50%.

Heat/Condensation Recovery – Presently used at ATL, DFW, NYC, Miami and Chicago locations. Net result has reduced fuel consumption by 30 percent to heat / temper incoming water.

Dryer Duct Heat Recovery – Currently in use at DFW, NYC, Miami and Chicago facilities. Net impact reduction of natural gas used to heat dryers by 10 – 15%.

Use of Biodiesel – Now in place in DFW, resulting in reduced diesel use by 50% (geographically).

Plastic and Cardboard Waste Recycling – Currently in use in Florida, New York and Illinois plants. Net result is a reduction of 30,000 pounds of landfill materials per day.

Thermal Irons – Presently used in ORD, MIA and JFK, all are extremely efficient, self-contained units. Net result is 15 – 20% reduction of natural gas to heat an equivalent-size iron.

Elite Airline Services Green Initiatives include heat recovery and water recycling