The Elite Advantage

As your turnkey airline linen and textile resource, Elite provides outstanding services, including the following, throughout our organization:

Planning. Our capabilities and experience help you meet long-term supply-chain objectives.

Convenience. A single point of contact and customized invoicing is available for your entire system.

Consistency. A single vendor reporting system generates valuable monthly/quarterly reports.

Accountability. Each Elite unit has an owner/partner operator on premises.

Collaboration. If one unit experiences operational difficulty, all units immediately rally resources to resolve the issue quickly.

Communication. Best practices are shared among all units in the Elite alliance.

Geographic Coverage. Elite manages laundry stations nationwide. No other company/affiliation can deliver this system-wide coverage or breadth of knowledge.

Profitability. Value-added services contribute to your bottom line and to your future success.

Nation/Worldwide Contracts. Trust us to seamlessly manage your textile cleaning needs across the U.S. and around the globe.

Single Point of Contact. Elite president Jon Glabman, a third-generation family member, is your primary contact person, delivering continuous, dependable customer service.

Single Point of Billing. Your operational teams will appreciate Elite’s sophisticated accounting and tracking systems which generate user-friendly billing and management reports.

Inventory Management. Elite provides expert textile management for domestic and international airlines. Our far-reaching network of airline laundry service providers, global IT systems (linen inventory management/invoicing), and warehouse management systems can help organize and streamline your operations. Elite also offers consultancy on textile purchases to help ensure efficient linen life cycles.

Elite's Code of Conduct

As an airline services organization, compliance with industry and government regulations is our responsibility and our privilege. We consider the business of safety and security to be of the utmost importance, and we adhere to the letter of the law.

Elite's Code of Business Ethics is embraced by every employee at every level of our organization. A copy of our comprehensive Code is available upon request.

We are your airline linen and textile resource